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Well, it all started when the three of us got our heads together looking for a long-term opportunity. 

Kevin and Kayla are father daughter and Brandon is Kayla’s boyfriend, what a team!!


Kevin has over 40 years of experience in business between UPS Management and an Insurance Professional.

We felt with his business experience this would set the tone for leading, managing, improving efficiencies, and creating what customers come to expect. This could be a homerun.


Kayla and Brandon have over 35 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry.  Brandon has worked in the back of the house as a lead chef and managing restaurants throughout his professional career. Kayla has the expertise in the front of the house serving, bartending, and leading teams with high energy in a fast-paced environment.  So with the three of us we knew we had the perfect team to create a fun, successful Restaurant.


Finding Smoky Hearth?

This was not our intention. Kevin went to the previous owner (they are golf buddies) with his business plan asking for advice and mentorship. Mark gladly gave us all the ins and outs of owning a Bar and Grill.

Wow...we were all shocked at all the behind the scenes work this was going to be.  About a week after our initial meeting the three of us got a call from Mark.  “Hey guys, Bonnie and I are considering retirement!!”  6 months later the paperwork was signed and the new beginnings for Smoky Hearth were underway.


We are so delighted to have taken over Smoky Hearth. What an amazing place and community! Our goals and strategy are pretty simple. The mission is to create a high energy and fun place to work while delivering a world class product and above and beyond service. We absolutely feel like we have the right ingredients!





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